Full Steam Ahead!

Photo by Tom Curtis
One of the growing sub-genres that caught my eye recently is steampunk. Even if you never heard the name, you've probably read a book or seen a movie with at least one or two steampunk elements. Do The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,  or Wild Wild West ring any bells?

It's hard to give a basic definition, but the steampunk setting takes place in a fictionalized Victorian era where there is also some manner of brass gadgetry. Among the civilians of this setting, you may also find scientists, captains of floating devices called airships or dirigibles, devices that run on steam or a mysterious element called aether, inventors of said devices, automatons...oh, and pirates. Must have pirates! You can read Wikipedia's description of the sub-genre here.

I know I sound a bit hyped. That's because I'm going to a steampunk expo this weekend. It will be a chance to browse costumes, listen to great music, sip tea, and most importantly, talk to steampunk writers. I'm interested in doing a Christian fantasy/romance with a little steam and aether thrown in someday!

So that's where I'm off starting tomorrow. I've got my black military jacket with brass buttons at the ready. I may persuade the husband to play dress-up too with a vest and newsboy cap. If my digital camera allows, I'll get some pictures of the event up in next Tuesday's post.

Are there any other steampunk fans out there? I'd love to know what books you're reading. Have a great weekend!