My Weekend Back in Time

As promised, here are some pics from the steampunk expo in Oklahoma City. Enjoy!

Look closely at this lady's dog. Steamppunk puppy! How cute is that?

This vendor had the most amazing handcrafted merchandise. My husband tried on the mask behind him. Sort of reminds me of the movie Predator - steampunk style!

Some attendees getting into the fun spirit of things

Me, before I had the help of some vendors to accessorize my look.

The husband posing as H.G. Wells to humor me. Isn't he a good sport?

Having a grand time

Can you believe this man fashioned all this armor by hand? Amazing

The main floor of the expo

I had so much fun browsing wares, attending a Victorian tea party, and listening in on workshops at this event. I also got to meet steampunk writer Cherie Priest, who had some practical advice for those waiting periods between manuscript submissions: "Just keep on writing books and reading more books. That's all you can do". I agree. That kind of focus on craft takes the anxiety away. And getting to play dress-up every once in a while doesn't hurt, either!