Just Keeping It Simple

Photo by graur codrin
 Someone once told me that I was a simple girl. At first, I took offense because I thought simple meant boring, one-sided, predictable, or, the worst yet, uncultured. Then my husband clarified things. "You're a simple girl because you can be happy with the little things in life. It doesn't take a big production to please you."

Okay, that's better! Simple means I can appreciate a well-made cup of coffee, or a whole day spent watching movies and never leaving the house. The peace I get from these little things teaches me how to be content with what God has for me every day.

In writing romance, it's so tempting to pull out all the stops during the main characters' falling-in-love phase. We think readers want to see a courtship that's larger than life. Not necessarily. Even in stories set in exotic or fantasy locations, the hero takes the heroine for a romantic walk or shares a kiss during a quiet moment. Then they'll set out to slay the dragon :)

What are the little joys in life that keep you happy and writing?