Natural Wonder

We just got back from Amarillo, refreshed and bearing souvenirs (Not counting sore feet from hiking!). I'm so glad we decided to tour Palo Duro Canyon for a day. It's rugged, natural beauty is indescribable, so I'll just let you see for yourself.

Admittedly, these pictures don't do the canyon justice. It's an austere, majestic place. As you walk through the valley, God's creativity shines in the plant life, clear-flowing streams, and deer that roam across the trails.

Ascend the canyon and you're rewarded with a spectacular view of nature for miles.

"This is beautiful country," my husband said in awe, as we passed a massive rock formation. His voice was the only sound. We were immersed in complete, blessed silence. Not even the wind dared to make its presence known.

You're right. It is beautiful country, I thought. It's God-country.

We went on this trip thinking it was just going to be a nice little getaway. It was nice, but God made it something more. He met us halfway and showed us what it meant t be still and reflect on his wonders.

What places or travel destinations are special to you?