Super (Zany) Heroes

Photo by graur codrin

ALERT: Contains small references to the movie Thor that you may or may not define as spoilers. I won't give anything major away, I promise!

Ok. We got that out of the way...

Saw Thor this weekend. I loved the 3D special effects and action. But what I enjoyed most was the story.

Thor starts off like many superheroes (or some men) you may know. He's young and brave, but completely arrogant and impetuous. In his world Asgaard, he got away with making some foolhardy decisions because of his royal lineage. When he sets foot in our world, he gets a humbling and hilarious crash course in the makings of a hero.

Like Hollywood screenwriters, we authors have heroes whose quirks get put through the ringer. My main character is a scholarly perfectionist from Richmond. It's a load of laughs when he can't put up a fence around his wood cabin in Kansas.

Or take another heroic character of mine. He's all about being the experienced and fearless leader until he has to travel with a crochety old man and a grumbling accomplice.

I won't even go into detail about the heroine splattering cornmeal across his shirt...

Photo by digitalart