My Call Story

Photo by Jomphong

K. Victoria Chase (Tori) asked me last week if I would relay "the call" story about how I found out my book was going to be published. I was so excited that I forgot to provide more details in my May 31st blog post. (The news actually came to me earlier, but I was still in la-la land, lol) So Tori, thank you for the suggestion! Here goes.

The day itself didn't start out all that great. I woke up with a mysterious nagging pain in my upper back. It just got worse as the morning wore on until my husband, who had the day off, declared that he would take me to the emergency room the next day if I hadn't healed.

Not wanting to spend all that time in the ER, I asked him to drive me to the store to buy Advil. It was so bad that I didn't want to lean over to get in and out of the car. Once in the store, I chose the Excedrin for back and body. All the while I was thinking, "This has to work. I am not going to the ER for what feels like a muscle strain. It's just the devil trying to keep me from my writing, my blog, and discourage me from exercising today."

Yes, I actually thought this. I am a stubborn womaan who does not give up her goals easily, even if they are as mundane as going for an afternoon walk.

So I took the Excedrin and sat at my computer waiting for the medicine to kick in. That's when I heard from my agent Kimberly Shumate of Living Word Literary Agency. In a message, she said "I'm happy to let you know that the committee at Charisma House loved your book and will be sending a contract. Congratulations!"

Pain? What pain? I started yelling and calling my husband over to the computer. He read the email and clapped, did a little celebratory dance, and praised God with me.

The people at Excedrin should find a way to put human adrenaline into their medicine. It works much faster than acetaminophen.

Later on that afternoon, I heard from one of the editors at Charisma House, informing me again of the good news that my Brides of Assurance series had been chosen by their committee for publication.

I was flying so high that day as I called my family back home in Ohio, my in-laws in Missouri, and my best friend in New York to tell them what happened. In ecstatic babbles, of course. It's so good that I got the call first through email, because I was incapable of speaking proper English!

And wouldn't you know? My back hasn't hurt since.

How did you react when you received some great news? It could be writing-related, a marriage proposal, healing, anything. I'd love to hear!