8 Things You Didn't Know About Me

 It occurred to me that I haven't shared facts about myself other than what was in my Blogger profile. Most people put this list together in either their first or second post. My apologies. Either it was a genuine error of my mind or I subconsciously didn't want to scare you off when we first met ;-) . I'll let you make that decision after reading the list.

1. I was born in northeast Ohio, minutes from the Pennsylvania border. Some people refer to me as a midwesterner while others simply address me as That Darn Yankee. I respond proudly to both. Go Buckeyes!

2. I've been a Christian since I was eight years old, but it wasn't until I left home to go to Washington, D.C. that I really started to learn to depend on God. Law school and city life will do that to you.

3. With that being said, I'm still a city girl. I love being around a mix of cultures and different viewpoints. I've lived in both the city and the country, but it's the tall buildings, museums, shopping, restaurants, and theatres that make me feel the most at home.

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4. My favorite color is pink. Frilly, soft, unabashedly feminine pink. When my husband and I played in the church softball league, the color of all my equipment would have made Barbie ball her plastic fists in a jealous rage.

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5. I have a literary crush on Sherlock Holmes. He may not be your type of alpha male, but I'm a sucker for whip-smart, analytical guys who brood and play the violin. This is aside from his morphine addiction, of course. Blame Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for making it up, I guess.

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6. When it comes to writing, I just can't play it straight. Each of my characters has a certain quirk or eccentricity that sticks out. In one of my stories, the hero is a preacher who knows his way around a Smith & Wesson, but has no clue as to how to set up a fence around his homestead. The heroine is a reformed saloon girl who reads Plato and Mark Twain in her spare time. Quirks make life interesting. At least I think so.

7. I enjoy fencing, as in swordfighting. It's a lot like dancing, which I enjoy, too. There's grace and skill in the movement of your sword arm in conjunction with your footwork. It's more than just hacking at an opponent. It's besting him with style.

8. I wish that one day a month was reserved as Writer Inspiration Day, where every writer could dress up or do the same activities as one of their characters (The good ones, not the serial-killing villains) without being carted off to the looney bin. Think about it. We can wear Victorian gowns and Roman togas all in the name of research. Ok, maybe not the togas, but you get my drift. For us writers who aren't penning contemporary works, we wouldn't have to wait for the next Renaissance fair or sci-fi/fantasy convention to come to town.

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So there you have it. I'm a woman who loves God, her family, and living life to its fullest. I just can't put any better labels on it.

Your turn to share. If you could dress up as any fictional character, who would it be?