A Cost of Freedom

Photo by aeypix

Everyone has their definition of freedom. God gave me a gentle reminder of my own a few days ago.

Lately, it's been a very hot summer in this area of the country. We're talking long stretches of three-digit temps and dry spells. After another monotonous day of feeling trapped in the weather cycle, a thought popped into my head.

"What about our child in the Dominican Republic?"

My husband and I sponsor a little girl through Compassion International, a Christian non-profit organization that provides impoverished children with food, health care, educational opportunites, and spiritual ministry around the world.

Children from Bangladesh (credit: Compassion International)

We elected to participate in this program
because we felt God leading us to use what we
have to bless someone else in greater need.

Thinking about our sponsored child humbled me 
to realize the simple things I take for granted. Yes,
it's horrendously hot here, but I have an air-
conditioned home and cold drinks in the fridge. 
Our child doesn't always have those luxuries.

Children from Nicaragua (credit: Compassion International)

When I'm broke, I have to stay home more often and can't eat at my favorite restaurants. When our child doesn't have someone to sponsor her, she may not get anything to eat at all.

I say, if feeding her and helping to bring biblical teachings to her family causes me to sacrifice a couple trips to the movies each month, then I'll happily sit on the couch, pop in a dvd, and eat a tuna fish sandwich.

Photo by Daniel St. Pierre

This is the choice that we made, the small sacrifice that my husband and I offered so that one day, a little girl may grow up to have more freedom than she would otherwise.
Photo by Stuart Miles

If you want to learn more about Compassion International, here's a link to their website. I'm not being paid to endorse them or anything. I just wanted to share what has been a ministry opportunity and a blessing in my life.

Have fun this fourth of July! Take time to thank God for our freedom, and pray for our troops, missionaries, and other men and women working to bring liberty around the world.