The Walls Are Naked!

Photo by nattavut

I'm staring at the stark white, bare walls of my home now when I should be packing. So I'm going to have to keep this short before I'm tempted to cast shadow puppets.

One more week before the big move to Colorado. Hubby and I are running around crazy trying to get last minute stuff done, but our stress is tempered by the joy of a new chapter in our lives. A different home. New people to meet. We've heard so many great things about Colorado from military personnel and civilian alike.

The scenery is beautiful, they say. Surveys show it's one of the top five states to raise a family and live a healthy lifestyle.  There must be happy molecules in that crisp mountain air, too, because the cities of Boulder and Denver rate high on overall quality of life.

Colorado has its share of writers, too, like Jerry Jenkins, John and Stasi Eldredge, and Kathy Kovach. Once we get into our new home, joining the Colorado chapter of ACFW is my next objective.

I'm taking my writing on the road with the laptop and a notebook. Charisma House has several requirements of me and I gotta get busy on the third novel. More on those things in next Tuesday's post.

Ok, I have to get back to packing and clearing a path for the movers. My thoughts are about as cluttered as the living room floor. But, hey, it's still Happy Friday, right? Enjoy the weekend!

What do you like/dislike most about moving?