My First Blog Award!

Thanks to Tori, I won my first ever blog award! Go and take a look at her blog Tori's Lounge. She's always finding the latest trends in Christian romance. I enjoy reading about her journey on the road to publication.

Now the way the rules for the Liebster Award work are to 1) thank the person who gave you the award and post a link back to them, 2) choose five other recipients with less than 200 followers (don't forget to let bloggers know you bestowed the award on them!), 3) copy and paste the award banner to your blog, 4) have faith that your followers will visit and support your award recipients, and lastly, 5) enjoy!

And the winners for the Liebster Award are........

1. Maria I. Morgan's "Life Lessons"

2. Dawn Crandall's "A Passion For Pages"

3. Julie Jarnagin's "New Beginnings"

4. Lisa Lickel's "Living Our Faith Out Loud"

5. Marji Laine - Writer "Unravel the Mystery"