Justifying Business Cards

Photo by Ambro

Just before last week's ACFW conference, my writers' group did a review of one-sheets and novel pitches. Towards the end of the meeting, some members discussed the use of business cards. As they passed the cards around the table, I took in the professional designs on the glossy paper and thought, Why haven't I been doing this?

I guess my logic was that business cards were for supervisors and company CEOs. How naive of me. We writers are part of an industry, too. It may not feel that way when we're sitting in front of our laptops, completely engrossed in writing the story born of our hearts, but we are indeed participating in a worthy calling.

We provide a service that entertains, encourages, and inspires people. Our schedules may not constantly be 9 to 5, but we do put in our hours, including overtime. We take our work home with us, to coffee shops, the store while we're running errands, picking up the kids, and while visiting friends and family. We are our own bosses, HR managers, tax preparers, contract lawyers, and accountants. We burn the midnight oil and rise before the sun to see our work through to completion.

Other people may not understand why we do this, or they may consider our efforts to be a vain dream in light of more traditional occupations, but that shouldn't deter us. If God has put the drive and desire in us to write, then we need to persevere in the work He has equipped us to do as if it were any other vocation.

I'm thankful that the Lord allowed me to be present at that meeting. I believe that it was a reminder that no matter what stage of the writing process I'm in, I should always consider it to be part of my business to glorify Him.

It's time to order a set of cards.

How about you? Do you have business cards? If so, what do you list on them (blog address, contact info, etc.)?