Why Batman Makes A Great Edgy Romantic Hero

Photo by andertoons

Each year around this time, many kids and kids at heart are putting the finishing touches on their costumes. In the midst of Sponge Bob, Bumblebee from Transformers, and all the other modern characters that are in demand right now, one of the most enduring and popular has remained for the past 45 years. A superhero, brought to life out of the comic books by the handsome, dapper, and captivatingly charming Adam West. Yep, you know who I'm talking about. Batman.

So this week, let's take a completely non-serious, light-hearted look at the Caped Crusader and see why he would make a cool romantic hero.

1. He's dark, but not too dark.

This is why women prefer Bruce Wayne over cookie-cutter Clark Kent. Batman has just enough of the bad boy in him to make for intrigue. He's brooding, moody at times, and puts considerable thought into psychoanalyzing the villains. All this brain activity means that you'll never want for intelligent conversation.

2. He's honorable.

Batman doesn't kill his adversaries. He ships them to Arkham Asylum or hands them over to the police. Given the fact that criminals were responsible for the murder of his parents, the overwhelming temptation is there for revenge. Yet, displaying great willpower, Batman allows for the punishment to fit the crime, and doesn't take final justice into his own hands.

3. The billionaire playboy has great backstory.

His parents were killed before his very eyes when he was a boy. This traumatic experience forced him to be independent at a very young age and developed in him a strong sense of justice. However, it also made him a loner with commitment issues. He dates socialites because they are just fluffy enough to not get past the money and good looks. Ask him to share his thoughts, and suddenly Alfred the butler will be summoned to escort you out of Wayne Manor. But on the bright side, you did get to have caviar for dinner.

4. Gadgets!

If you should happen to get bored while Batman is out on a crime-stopping spree, there are plenty of toys and gizmos to play with in the Batcave. Just don't touch the Bat Reduction Ray or the Bat Sleep Gas or the Bat Map Generator or....

5. And last but not least: You don't have to wait around when he's too busy to return your calls. 

Just use the Bat Signal.

Ok, I had my fun. Your turn! Who was your favorite superhero growing up? Or, if you're brave enough to admit it, which superhero do you like now?