Book Review: In Too Deep

This is the first book review on my blog, and I am privileged to feature author Mary Connealy's latest in her Kincaid Brides series, In Too Deep.

This second novel continues the story of the Kincaid brothers with the middle son, Ethan. Ethan Kincaid is a rancher with a quick sense of humor and an ever-present smile that hides years of pain and guilt. Audra Gilliland is a sweet woman whose first priority is to her young daughters. Left a widow by an older, cruel husband, she vows to start standing up for herself. When Ethan and Audra are thurst into a marriage of convenience by Ethan's older brother Rafe, the sparks and laughter fly.

I enjoyed this book for several reasons, the first being Mary Connealy's trademark brand of humor. It came at unexpected moments in the story and certainly brought light to some otherwise heavy elements, such as the scenes where Ethan deals with his younger brother Seth's violent nightmares.

I also like seeing the characters grow from facing their challenges. The reader can sense the attraction between Ethan and Audra as the two try to hide their growing feelings from the other. Ethan is afraid to fall in love because of what he feels are past failures to protect his family. Audra, due to her previous marriage, avoids fully considering the possibility of loving Ethan, and spends her time striving to be a stronger, independent woman.

If the two want their marriage be more than a simple convenience, they have to learn to depend on God for strength. In Too Deep is a must-read story of forgiveness, healing, and new beginnings.

To read more on this title and the author, you can visit Bethany House's website and Mary Connealy's website.

This book was provided to me on behalf of Bethany House Publishers.

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