Victorian and Steampunk Fashion Show

I love the opportunity to bring out the Victorian jacket, blouse, and steampunk goggles. Fedora, courtesy of my husband.

Ok, so this weekend I went to GalaxyFest, another sci fi convention held here in the Springs. You might wonder why I flock to these organizations when I'm currently writing historical romance.

Ladies from the fashion show

Well, for starters, I'm a big fan of epic fantasy and steampunk, and attending these conventions is a great way to meet my favorite authors and learn from them. Second, the lines are blurring in fiction as to which genres are strictly historical, contemporary, or speculative. I'm seeing more and more stories that weave different elements together.

And last but not least, I like to play dress up. So do other people, in fact, judging from these fun pictures I took this weekend. Be warned. Lighting in some of the photos is a little dark or grainy. I promise to upgrade to a smartphone before the year is up.

With people from my writers' group and newfound friends from the convention (The cane I'm holding is actually a bronze curtain rod. Gotta love steampunk ingenuity;-) )
Another friend from writers' group. I go to her for advice because with her scientific background, she knows what she's talking about. We call her "Steampunk Beth"

The following are pics I snapped from the Victorian and Steampunk fashion show.


You might recognize this look if you're a fan of Dr. Who

If I had a favorite photo, it would have to go to this creative couple.

An engineer and his clockwork doll. Brilliant!

Although GalaxyFest was not solely a convention for writers, I learned a lot about niche writing and marketing. I also attended a panel for YA Christian Fantasy authors, which I was happy to see. Even if speculative fiction isn't necessarily your thing, we need to support our fellow Christian writers as they endeavor to break new ground in the publishing world. We need to show the public that we are creative, that we write postive stories that entertain, not preach, and we don't simply produce books for ourselves. But that's a soapbox topic for another day!

I'm in the loop now. No doubt I'll find more conventions to attend this year and later on, to drag my husband to.

What did you do this weekend?