Interview With Author Jessica Nelson!

Today I'm posting my first blog interview and I'm so pleased to have author and blogger Jessica Nelson as my guest! Jessica's debut novel Love on the Range has been garnering great reviews on Amazon and received 4 1/2 stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews! Way to go!

As a follower of her blog BookingIt, I enjoy reading her posts about writing and life with her great family. Jessica knows her stuff when it comes to romance. She married the man of her dreams two days after graduating high school and is now the proud, happy mom to three little boys.

She is so gracious to take time from her busy schedule to do this interview, so let's get to those questions.


When I read Love on the Range, I was struck by the unique
setting and time period. The hero and heroine not only live
during the events of World War I, but the flu pandemic as
well. What inspired you to create a story against that

Great question! Not specifically one thing. I’d been perusing the
Harlequin site because I was thinking of writing a book and I
came across a link to a site about the influenza, which I’d
NEVER heard of. From there, I had a daydream about a girl
traveling on a train…and that’s what happened. :-)

The heroine Gracelyn Riley is such a spunky, independent gal! You must have had fun creating her. Do you also like to solve a good mystery?

Oh, definitely! My great dream as a kid was to be a private detective or undercover agent. But now as an adult, I like solving problems in general, from computer issues to putting together a basketball hoop. (that was a challenge, btw). I put the hoop on backwards. *slapping forehead*

Oh, no! Kudos to you for trying, though. You can help me with my computer glitches. Let’s talk about the hero Trevor Cruz. I liked his quiet, mysterious nature, not to mention how I laughed aloud at his opinions of Gracie’s urban upbringing. How was it to write about his struggles to protect those around him, but also deal with his own relationship with God? 

Oooh…I don’t know, honestly. I’m not a plotter and so I didn’t really plot him out, just kind of wrote him. I think his struggles are very ordinary. Many people who’ve been through deep pains have probably thought God didn’t care, so I thought about that a lot, what it would be like to live in his shoes. I have to mention how much I loved your break down of my characters!! You’re really good at that!

 Aww, thanks, but you did write about such engaging people. The story is set on an Oregon ranch. I’ve only been on a horse three times in my life, but reading about Gracie learning to ride makes me want to take lessons. Are you a horse girl?

Lol! Kind of! I barely ever ride but I would if I could. I think they’re very cool, intelligent animals and fun to ride. You should definitely take lessons! That would be an adventure. :-)

 I just may do that this year. I see that you love Starbucks’ Raspberry Mocha. Yum! Is that your choice drink when you’re writing?
Yep. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food and drink, so I get the same thing every time.

Finally, any words on writing or advice for us?

 Go with your gut! Don’t give up! Be flexible but know what you want. :-)

Great encouragement. Thanks for being my guest!

Thanks so much for having me, Brandi! I appreciate it and am looking forward to reading your book when it releases. :-)

You can read an excerpt of Jessica's book here. Connect with her through her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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