The Month of Maying

Photo by porbital

No, it's not a typo. When I was in elementary school, my music teacher always played a song that signified the culmination of spring. I think it was written sometime during the Renaissance. I won't sing it for you, but the lyrics started off like this:

Now is the month of maying,
When merry lads are playing.
Fa la la la la
And to the bagpipes sound,
The nymphs tread out their round.
Fa la la la la...

Ok, you're probably wondering what elementary school I went to, but song aside, the month of May has always been for me a time of happy expectations. The end of the school year, the anticipation of summers spent at the amusement park. When I lived in Washington, DC, I looked forward to the May Cherry Blossom Festivals.

As I got older, May became the month of my wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday (I believe he persuaded me to have our wedding this month so that he would receive two presents in the span of a couple weeks. He can be crafty sometimes...)

Photo by nuttakit

This year, May has the promise of a beautiful summer spent in Colorado with newfound friends from my writers group and at church. I feel that God is also using this time to bring me to a place of deeper trust in several areas of my life, including writing. It's unrealistic to expect every day to feel like a good time to go 'round the maypole, but I can be assured that with Him, there is always a time of happy expectations.

What does the month of May signify for you? Cookouts? Finally being able to wear shorts? Please share :-)