Brass and Sass and Rodeos

Photo by Tina Phillips

When I resumed blogging a couple weeks ago, I added a tagline to my blog's title: Inspirational romance with brass and sass. It had a few of my friends wondering what I was up to. I told them I was establishing my writing "brand".

"Why do you need a brand?"

Every writer does. It helps readers to distinguish one person's stories from another. Think of shopping for a girly-girl. You wouldn't buy her something from Sports Authority. This is sorta the same thing, only with books. Readers have a right to know what they're getting into. 

"Ok. Why brass and sass?"

Because I like edgy romances, or what is defined in the Christian publishing market as elements in stories that can push the envelope without being explicit or offensive. Life, with both its beauty and grit is displayed.

I like characters who are so real that their passions, hurts, loves, and regrets jump off the page and ensnare me. I enjoy reading about men and women who overcome adversity and come to love Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior all the more. Even if it's a lighthearted story, I want there to be some conflict that's not going to simply go away because Grandma shows up at the door with peach cobbler.

Not saying that Grandma's peach cobbler doesn't help to ease many an anxious heart ;-)

But you get what I mean. I know there are people who read simply to escape the cares of this life. I read for those reasons, too, but I am all the more satisfied when I finish a story about characters who overcome, no matter how big or small the matter. It makes me encouraged to take on the day. Shouldn't we all leave a book feeling a bit more inspired?

Another reason for my tagline. Well, I can be a bit brassy. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have a quirky sense of humor and speak my mind. I try to be respectful and Christian about it, but I'm sure that at least once a week, I post something that makes one person laugh and another cringe as if they ate a lemon. You can't please 'em all, especially not in the book world or online community.

To some extent, though, I feel that you have to show the real dynamics of your personality to fellow readers and writers. You have to be the person that God made you, not someone that you think will appeal to every taste and sensibility.

Anywho, I'm hoping my attempt at author branding will help readers know what they're getting into. That goes for my books and for this blog. If what I produce is truthful and reflective of my faith, while still retaining aspects of my personality, then I know I'm being true to what God called me to do.  

Now...onto a real crowd-pleaser.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my first rodeo here in Colorado Springs. The annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo came roaring to a close Saturday night, but I managed to get a few pics in with my iPhone. Have a looksee.
Cowboys getting ready for the opening ceremony

The announcer

Some Army cavalrymen dressed in historical garb (The lady in the navy shirt is this year's Girl of the West and the lady in the red is her Assistant)

This is an actual restored wagon that has seen frontier combat with the Army

And no rodeo would be complete without an after-party of music and dancing. I had a cowboy teach me a two-step!

I giggle when I remember one of the attendants taking my ticket and stamping my hand. He asked, "So you come here to get you a cowboy?" No sir, I already have one. My husband, Texas born and bred!

When he comes home from deployment, I'll just have to get him to pose for me in his Wranglers, boots, and hat. I know he would have enjoyed the rodeo, but there's always next year!

Do you have an author brand? Do you like rodeos? Answer one. Answer both! Thanks for sharing :-)