This Year's Thanksgiving

Image courtesy of smarnad/

Ok, I'm going to be honest. At first I planned to post pics of the scifi/anime/comic book convention I attended over the weekend. And while I am thankful that was able to go (not to mention make new friends and score steampunk jewelry), there are other things that I'm very grateful for, without which my other passions in life would not be possible.  Two stand out more than anything else.

1. I'm grateful to be alive. Over the spring, doctors discovered that I had a very large and potentially cancerous cyst in my abdomen (If you want, you can read about it here.) It looked serious at first. One day I was out jogging and a few days later I was being scheduled to see an oncologist to have the cyst removed. But I pulled through, and by God's grace alone, I am here today, cancer-free and able to live my life. My costume corset fits better, too, but that's just a teeny tiny perk.

2. My husband is home from deployment safe and sound. Every day that he was in Afghanistan, I prayed for protection over him. Words can't describe the feelings military spouses undergo when their loved ones are away. All I can say is that the fear is very real and the evening news hits close to home. You are forced to live with not knowing where your other half is halfway across the world. But again, God's grace reigns. He brought my husband back to me, and every day that I can share with him is a blessing. Hubby has to remind himself of that sometimes when he gets dragged to a few too many scifi cons.

So this year, I'm not going to stress about how well the turkey is prepared or if we have enough desserts on the table. I'm simply grateful that we're both here to partake in the holiday and give thanks. Together.

I wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! See you next Tuesday! And yes, there will be convention pics in the next post.