Confession of a Former Valentine's Day Hater

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A long time ago before the word hipster made things like big glasses and geeky behavior somewhat cool, there lived a curious teenage girl who did the strangest thing every February 14th. On that day each year, she disappeared. None of her classmates could find her, though they looked all over for her at the school and the library. Try as they might, she would not be found until the next day, sitting in class as though nothing happened. And in her mind, it was just as well, for she couldn't stand that most commercially-celebrated of holidays next to Christmas and Black Friday.

Valentine's Day.

Silly, right?

Maybe the better word is ironic, since that geeky nerd girl grew up to be an avid reader and writer of romance novels. I'm doing a little better now, but sometimes those red hearts still make me a bit queasy. I hated Valentine's Day in the past because I never could seem to get a date to the dance or have a secret admirer card that turned out to be from someone other than well-meaning family members who purchased them from the school fundraiser.

See? Even band camp likes to bank on this holiday.

As I got older, though, I realized that February 14th doesn't have to be reserved for couples or those who went to Jared. It can be a day to celebrate the love that we receive from family, friends, even God, whose love and affection is eternal. What a blessing to know that we don't have to wait 364 more days to get confirmation of His feelings, or that He isn't limited to gifts of chocolate, flowers, and paper hearts.

Although I'd never refuse chocolate...

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Did you ever skip school or hide on Valentine's Day as a child?