A Day at Heritage Park

This past Saturday my husband and I decided to make good on the nice weather and do a little bit of sightseeing. We went to Heritage Park, located in the historic district of Columbus, Georgia.

This park was designed to commemorate the city's history as a maunfacturing and shipping hub during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Grist mills like this replica were prevalent when the city was mostly a rural community.

Statues depicting textile mill workers and iron foundry employees show how life was like for many working class people a hundred years ago.

Columbus is also known as The Fountain City because of its many beautiful, artistic water fountains throughout the area.
We had a peaceful, enjoyable afternoon strolling through the park and surrounding gardens. I hope to come back on another nice day to explore more of this historic area of the city.
Does your city or town have a historic district? If so, do you like to visit?