A Day at Callaway Gardens


Spring has sprung in Georgia. For those of you who reside in colder regions, please don't think I'm trying to make you envious. It may be warm here in the south, but our days have alternated between gray and rainy or sunny with a yellow pollen haze this season.

Yesterday was the exception. Both rain and seasonal allergens took a backseat to crisp breezes and azure sky. A friend and I took advantage of the opportunity to leave the Benadryl behind and head to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA.

This beautiful area is home to native and non-native plants, hiking trails, and golf courses. Here are a few pics from the garden area.

I love this waterfall. It descends from the ceiling of the greenhouse to fall to the pool two stories down.

Indoor lighting's a bit dim, but this is the top of the waterfall.

Three agaves in the background. I love succulents. They have a cool, otherworldy look to them, don't they?

Another plant from the succulent family.

An outside fountain.

Afterwards, we stopped in Warm Springs for a bite to eat at the famed Bulloch House Restaurant. I couldn't go home without a few souvenirs.
I've tried apple butter. Can't wait to taste this.

A bracelet in the shape of branches. As you can see, Noodle gave his approval.

Do you like the outdoors? What's the weather like in your area?