Medieval Times Pics

As mentioned last week, hubby and I celebrated our anniversary at Medieval Times. Here are the pics we took from the show.
The chancellor announces the rules of the king's tourney.

We were lucky to get front row seats. The balcony above with the heralder is reserved for the king and the princess.

Pics from the king's processional


A horse trainer at work

Our Green Knight, prepared for the joust

All the knights lined up for the tourney

In the end, our Green Knight was not the victor, but it was fun cheering him and our allied knights on. Towards the end, we were presented with this decree from His Majesty the king.

How obsessed are we with this medieval dinner show? We're already planning a visit to the one in Texas when we go there later this year. Until then, I have some serious writing to catch up on.  
Have you ever been to a dinner theater show?