A Steampunk Spring

Ok. So by now you know that I love to attend what can generally be described as historically or anachronistically-themed events. It seems to be a pastime that's not letting up anytime soon, especially this past spring, when I've attended a medieval dinner show and the Renaissance Faire. I couldn't resist posting more pics. These are from JunkFest, a hippie-inspired arts and crafts fair held in Columbus, Georgia.

These robots were handcrafted by a local artist by the name of Tim Brumbelloe. Each figure is unique, using materials spanning from 1940s German transistor radios to military-grade Fulton flashlights. One of them even talks (see pic of red-cloaked copper bot at beginning of this post). Ok, he beeps, thanks to a toy motor, but it's still cool. I don't think Mr. Brumbelloe had steampunk in mind when he began crafting these robots, but I think it's interesting how the aesthetic has come to permeate across culture through art, literature, music, and fashion.

Next week, I'm planning on attending a YA literary event in town that offers locals a chance to dress up as their favorite story character and sit in on an interview with Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder and Scarlet fame. I love events like these that get young people interested in reading and keeping slightly older people like me pumped to write.

I should also note that this blog will post on a different schedule this summer. With one final relocation coming up in a few months, my time is spent packing boxes, preparing for my first book release that occurs shortly before the big move, work obligations, and yes, attending events like the Ren Faire and JunkFest (A girl's gotta let off steam somehow.).

Check back often for more updates. In July, I'll talk with Christian YA fantasy author Anne Elisabeth Stengl about her upcoming book Dragonwitch. In August, I'll start the kickoff to my own launch of The Preacher's Wife with fun contests and historical trivia. Hope you'll share in the excitement with me.

Until then, connect with me through Facebook and Twitter. See you soon!

What are your summer plans?