Hearts of Misty Mesa series

MY HEART LINGERS (A Hearts of Misty Mesa Story): BWWM Interracial Romance

Attorney Kyra Grayson never thought she'd step foot in Misty Mesa, Texas again. She left town ten years ago at eighteen after discovering she was pregnant with her boyfriend's child and losing the baby in miscarriage. To this day, because of her old reputation as a rebellious teen, people believe the loss was intentional.

Rancher Cole McCrea has always been in love with Kyra. He was heartbroken all those years ago when she abruptly disappeared. Now Kyra's back in town for a few weeks. Will that be enough time for him to learn the truth of why she left and reclaim her heart?


MY HEART DANCES (A Hearts of Misty Mesa Story): Biker Romance

Free-spirited attorney Amy Nestler seeks clients for her new law firm in Misty Mesa, Texas. She gets her wish when she's retained by Donovan Blake, witness to a murder at a roadside biker bar. But Amy soon realizes she has her hands full getting the attractive, hotheaded biker ready to testify in court.

A loner by nature, Donovan enjoys three things in life: motorcycles, computers, and attractive women, provided no long-term commitments are involved. He starts to change his views as he's drawn to Amy's fun-loving spirit, compassionate work ethic, and vintage pinup style. He'd like to get to know her outside of a lawyer-client relationship, but there are rules. To make things worse, Donovan's rebel past suddenly catches up with him. Dangerous outlaw bikers don't want him to talk in court. They'll do anything to stop him, even go after Amy. Can Donovan protect her from the Hangman's Knights and let her know his feelings towards her?